Since the late 19th century, mineral oil is scarce, some of the causes of the shortage is the increasing number of private vehicle users, but it also uses hydro fuel to run the turbines. If oil is used in large numbers, it can result in pollution, oil well fluids that are not able to bond with water, but human beings are hard to not use oil, just that we can reduce the amount of usage, Allah has given a lot of potential in the world including heat energy earth, geothermal energy is derived from the Greek “geo” and “therme” Geothermal energy comes from tectonic activity and absorption of solar energy by the earth.
Geothermal energy in the form of hot steam, heat approximately 150 up to 5000 Celsius centigrade, geothermal energy provides almost no adverse effects on the surrounding environment.
Indonesia is a country rich in minerals, including geothermal, geothermal energy is available at hundreds of points in Indonesia, some areas containing volcanic geothermal energy is barking, Kamojang, dieng and wayang windu. In 2010, 24 countries already use geothermal energy for electricity generation.
Indonesia including the State, which has the largest geothermal energy after the philipine, if the calculated results of the percentage was 3.7% (percentage of national production) at the World Geothermal energy is much less than 10,710 in 2010, and geothermal energy is still widely available and more easily be updated, while the oil is almost rare minerals including energy and non-renewable, meaning that it takes millions of years for oil can be reused.
I agree if Indonesia use geothermal energy, especially today, oil is expensive and scarce, and when the oil is used for electricity generation, the amount used is not little, the people of Indonesia also needs oil besides the electricity needed by the community, I hope Indonesia can use and exploit geothermal energy well, too bad if the natural potential in Indonesia used by other countries.



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